Alizabeth Schuler, Sage Lorson, Abby Lorson, Lily

It must have a phone number and an online correspondence system. Send them an email describing your enquiries. See how prompt they are in getting back. Montgomery is a good, well coached team which also has a bright future.What happened Wednesday was not about Montgomery doing something wrong, but those six Little League World Series participants all entering eighth grade this fall doing so much right. Alizabeth Schuler, Sage Lorson, Abby Lorson, Lily Reidy, Gianna Goodman and Emily Holtzapple all made big impacts and played pivotal roles in South delivering such a well rounded performance. All reached base and scored at least one run with five producing multi hit performances.In addition to hitting so well, that group also defended well with Schuler, Sage Lorson and Abby Lorson combining on a third inning double play.

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